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Founded in 2012

Our commitment is to provide a friendly and personalized service to our customers, with the help of our consultants, in charge of supervising each stage of the collection.


We are a young and dynamic enterprise, located in Pontevedra (Galicia). The significant growth and the important transformation experienced by our business project, from its beginnings to the present, it has allowed us to climb positions to become a benchmark between the sports publications in our country.

We work with many types of clubs: clubs with tradition and years of history, and modest, whose history is still to be written...


Our company has a great team, highly qualified, and working with the best technological tools to successfully carry out an innovative business project, offering our customers a sticker album, to collect, with high quality finishes, fully customized and FOR FREE.


Our publications are successful, enjoying a good reception and an increasing social and media coverage: a success due to a solid business plan, driving force of important values, supported by a sustainable growth strategy, where we work every day, in order to improve and offer our customers the best.


We have become small dreams in a terrific reality: be immortalized forever in a sticker as the great athletes; we have helped them to feel as protagonists as any player in the Premier League and they have been deeply inspired to complete one of the most important and special collections in their life: the album, in which they will become an unforgettable part of their club history, along with other teammates.

Clients we’ve worked for

We have a large customer base and we work with many different club and associations throughout Spain and Europe, providing the highest quality, professionalism and involvement.

Cromogal - your personalizad sticker album